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AFCI Testers and Los Angeles Home Inspections

As a home inspector here in Los Angeles, I understand the importance of AFCI testers. But what are they?

What are they? – Standing for arc-fault circuit interruptors, AFCIs are types of circuit breakers and electrical receptors that aim to analyse a building’s electricity flow to detect any arcs. After detecting, it will then respond.

AFCI Testers – Sometimes on this topic, you will see a mention of AFCI testers or tester indicators and these are essentially for maintaining the performance of the AFCI itself. In order to test the reaction of an AFCI device, the tester will create the same waveform patterns seen in an actual arc.

If working properly, the AFCI should trip and respond. Compared to ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) indicators, AFCI indicators are much bigger and significantly more expensive. Furthermore, many question the effectiveness of the devices too which is why GFCI indicators are far more common.