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The Dark Side of Home Owner Associations

About half of the states in America permit HOAs to execute non-judicial foreclosures if the home owners default in paying their dues. Moreover, these owners do not have the right to go to court with this or to challenge their associations’ board; or any of the securities provided for people to challenge creditors. In a specified time frame, an owner ... Read More »

Asphalt Roofing 101

In line with our roofing theme this month, we wanted to post an informational video on asphalt roofing. There is some important information in there that every home owner who is having a roofing project done should know. Read More »

Asphalt Roofing

All things considered, asphalt is the most popular roofing option, and the one we see most on home inspections here in LA. So we thought we would take a moment and discuss asphalt roofing to help our clients better understand this product. Asphalt roofing includes shingles, built-up roofing, roll-roofing, and modified bitumen membranes. Typically, the shingles will also be asphalt ... Read More »

AFCI Testers and Los Angeles Home Inspections

As a home inspector here in Los Angeles, I understand the importance of AFCI testers. But what are they? What are they? – Standing for arc-fault circuit interruptors, AFCIs are types of circuit breakers and electrical receptors that aim to analyse a building’s electricity flow to detect any arcs. After detecting, it will then respond. AFCI Testers – Sometimes on ... Read More »

Questions To Ask Your Los Angeles Home Inspector

Before purchasing a home here in Los Angeles, having any potential properties inspected is a vital step because you need to know the general condition of what you could be spending your money on. Therefore, there are some questions that you need to ask your home inspector ahead of the assessment. Since they may be using industry terms you may ... Read More »

The wrong Panel Screw

Being a home inspector is not always a safe job. In fact, there a re a lot of dangers in being a home inspector, especially a good one that gets into parts of the home tat other home inspectors won’t go into. We run into snakes in crawlspaces, we climb over framing in attics, run into every poisonous bug that ... Read More »

Why is Mold an issue in Los Angeles

LA Mold inspections

Why is mold such an issue in Los Angeles? Many people may wonder that as they see home and mold inspection reports come across their table with so many pictures of expensive issues. So why is mold such a problem here? Well, for one thing – it is hot. And the hotter the average temperature the more mold likes it. ... Read More »

Waste Clean-Outs

Where is your waste clean-out? If you were to ask most people that question you may get a blank stare. It is not something that we tend to think about a lot. That is, until we have an issue and we need to find it fast. Most homes have a clean-out in the home (usually the basement or crawlspace) or ... Read More »