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Electrical Inspections​

Electrical issues can pose significant risks, ranging from property damage to personal safety hazards. At Westside Home Inspections, our Electrical Inspections are designed to identify any potential problems with your property’s electrical wiring and components.

Our licensed inspectors conduct thorough examinations of your electrical panels, wiring, fixtures, and safety devices. This includes assessing the condition of the fuse box, checking for proper grounding, and verifying that all electrical circuits are safe and fully functional.

We also inspect smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and any home automation systems to ensure that they are correctly connected and in good working order. Our team uses the latest tools and technology to detect hidden issues such as overloading, improper connections, or outdated wiring that could lead to fire hazards.

Following our inspection, we provide a detailed report that outlines any discovered issues and recommends necessary upgrades or repairs. This report is invaluable for homeowners looking to ensure the safety of their property and for potential buyers or sellers who need to assess a property’s electrical compliance and safety standards.

Choosing Westside Home Inspections for your electrical inspection needs ensures that your property’s electrical systems are inspected rigorously to promote safety, efficiency, and compliance with current electrical codes and standards.z

3 Simple Steps to Process


Examine client needs and property details.


Thorough evaluation of the home’s condition.


Detailed documentation of findings and advice.