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Foundation Inspections

foundation inspectionsLos Angeles Foundation Inspections

Foundations are an important part of our home – holding everything up and allowing a building to operate properly. But foundations fail, and here in California there is everything working against it. Having a proper foundation inspection and a thorough report are key to preserving your home.

foundation inspections: Our foundation assessments are thorough and detailed. We start with the interior of the home, making sure everything is in good condition. The exterior foundation inspection is also very important, as it gives us clues as to what is going on with moisture intrusion or other issues.. Having viewed the building interior and exterior we begin our detailed analysis of your foundation. Spending most of our time under your house outlining all of the issues with your foundation itself.

By thoroughly inspection a foundation these three perspectives (interior, exterior, and underneath), we are able to achieve a high level of certainty and information that allows us to then write a corrective prescription that is most appropriate to your particular home or building.

Foundation inspection report: After the inspection we ant you to have the information that you need to make educated decisions, so we provide a detailed foundation inspection report. This report details our observations and gives you a complete understanding of the issues involved.

Foundation Insurance Inspections

los angeles foundation inspectionsWe also perform foundation inspections to comply with insurance forms requesting “bolting status” and to confirm that foundations are in good working order. We will come to your home and inspect the foundation regarding the status of the bolting when requested by you on behalf of your insurance company.

Additionally, we will also provide a detailed foundation inspection report as detailed above.