What is a Sewer Scope

A sewer scope can be performed to determine if there is an issue, or to find the location of a known issue in your main sewer line, which is generally underground and therefore cannot be inspected without specialized equipment. A sewer scope is a video inspection of your main sewer line, during which a high-resolution camera is inserted into the piping to inspect the condition of the sewer pipes and their connections between your home and the city sewer.

Sewer Cameras

Most professional sewer scope companies such as ourselves will have specialized camera equipment that is made to specifically inspect sewer lines.

High Resolution Cameras

Our high resolution and fully submersible cameras allow us to not only find issues, but to give our clients a clear view of it.


Using sonde technology we are able to locate the issue above ground as well. This is valuable when hiring a contractor to come and fix the issue.

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