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Why is Mold an issue in Los Angeles

LA Mold inspectionsWhy is mold such an issue in Los Angeles? Many people may wonder that as they see home and mold inspection reports come across their table with so many pictures of expensive issues. So why is mold such a problem here?

Well, for one thing – it is hot. And the hotter the average temperature the more mold likes it. They have even found some species of mold that live at the crest of volcanoes where little/no other life can be found!

So we can’t change the heat. But what are some things that we can do to help reduce the risk of mold in your home or business that will be both effective and intuitive? Well, to figure that out, let’s consider the most controllable factor there is: moisture.

Mold needs moisture, and the more the better. So it is simple math: limit the moisture, limit the mold. Now mot of us are very attentive if we see puddled water or an active leak, and that is an easy one. But we are less attentive, for the most part, to humidity. When humidity levels are high mold can grow almost anywhere. That is why we usually find so much mold in attics and in basement ceilings (because warm moist air goes upward).

So make sure your attic is ventilated properly, be sure to use good quality de-humidifiers in your basement, and be sure to control the moisture in your home to control the mold.