Gabriel Romero

I'm C.P.I Gabriel Romero, and I'm proud to help you with expert property inspections in the Greater Los Angeles Area, or the Southland, in the southern part of California. It includes, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and Ventura County. As firefighter from 2012 I have had improved my skills in all areas to provide an excellent and exclusive scope for each scenery. I have worked for Westside Home Inspections since 2022. We are more interested to help you to get the true and know the real conditions for any house. As a team, we focus all of our attention on each individual inspection and on doing the best possible work for each client. Rather than creating on-site reports, which simply takes a cookie cutter approach, we take the time to add important details unique to each individual property. Since California does not require home inspectors to be licensed or certified, it is up to you, the consumer, to make sure the inspector you hire is qualified. Since I am a certified home inspector, you can rely on the quality of my work 100%. With years of experience in home inspection throughout Los Angeles County, I am ready to give you a rooftop-to-foundation report that's detailed, objective and easy to understand.
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(1) 310-901-7041
Los Angeles, USA
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With a strong foundation in construction principles, I bring an insightful perspective to home inspections, combining technical knowledge with a keen eye for detail. My commitment to quality is evident in my thoroughness in inspections and precision in report writing, ensuring that every aspect of a property is accurately assessed.

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My experience at Westside Home Inspections is defined by my dual role as both an engineering student and a dedicated home inspector. This unique position allows me to apply cutting-edge inspections knowledge to our inspections, enhancing our services with the latest techniques and insights.

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