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Westside Home Inspections, Inc., led by Jose Luis Barrera in Los Angeles, offers detailed and personalized home inspection services. With over 25 years of experience, we are not just another company; we're a dedicated business focused on quality over quantity. Our founder, a certified home inspector and licensed general contractor, ensures reliable, comprehensive inspections from rooftop to foundation. As Certified Master Inspectors, we're experienced, established, professional, educated, and vetted, representing the highest standards in the industry. Additionally, we're FEMA Certified Emergency Inspectors, skilled in assessing homes post-natural disasters. Our state-of-the-art equipment and partnerships with accredited labs guarantee thorough reports, including photo and video documentation, for asbestos, mold, lead, carbon monoxide, and moisture. Choose us for a meticulous, objective, and easy-to-understand evaluation of your property.
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Los Angeles, USA
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As a licensed general contractor and remodeler for over 25 years, certified as a master inspector with InterNACHI, and having completed more than 20 courses with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to Westside Home Inspections. My journey includes successful ventures such as Silmar Investments, Inc. and Restyle Renovation, where I honed my skills in identifying property potential and providing comprehensive real estate services. With a background in managing service departments and experience as a FEMA Certified Emergency Inspector, I ensure that each inspection is conducted with meticulous attention to detail, providing clients with comprehensive reports and peace of mind.

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My diverse background in real estate, construction, management, and emergency inspection equips me with a comprehensive understanding of property evaluation. At Westside Home Inspections, I lead a team of professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional service and accurate assessments. Whether it's assessing structural integrity or identifying potential issues, we pride ourselves on providing thorough and accurate evaluations.

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