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I was very happy with Jose Barrera at Westside Home Inspections (he’s a general contractor, so much more knowledgeable than most inspectors).  Also very high integrity!
-Anne Marie Knott
I found Jose, at westside home inspections, just randomly online via a basic google search. I certainly was taking a chance without any referral, but to my surprise Jose turned up on time, was very professional and did a thorough home inspection. I asked many questions, took notes and learned a lot from the overall process . I believe his price was fair and within the norm. He provided a complete evaluation with detailed major, minor and negligible problems.
In short, I certainly was very satisfied with choosing Jose at westside home inspections.
Jose did an inspection on my main residence prior to purchasing it in May 2012. It was a duplex, so if the rate seems high, that might account for it. He has subsequently done general contracting for me. I’ve had about 4 prior home inspections done on other properties. I usually dismiss them–they tend to be done by franchisees with limited training who largely point out obvious things that I would find on my own–I want someone who can identify serious, non-obvious things (like structural problems). Jose is a licensed contractor, so he could identify non-obvious things, prioritize them and provide a cost estimate to remedy them. I was so pleased with him that I wanted to hire him immediately, but he informed me he was precluded by law from working on the property until 12 months had elapsed. That’s the good news/bad news. Fortunately, I could afford to wait, so had him do the things I was most concerned about, but also some other things outside the inspection (a new fireplace). Beyond doing impeccable work, Jose is extremely reliable, accommodating, neat (you never notice he’s been there), and most importantly cost conscious. He actually obtained multiple estimates for most subcontracts, and when I suspected I could beat them, I was always proved wrong. Can’t say enough good about him!
-Anne Marie Knott
Inspected commercial property while in escrow to determine the extent of necessary repairs & rehab work. I found the level of detail and service to be exceptional. Mr. Barrera spent many hours on the site and gave me a thorough understanding of the risks and potential costs to be expected from the property, both verbally and in a detailed written report. When I have had follow-up questions, he has been extremely accessible and accommodating. I find him to be very knowledgeable in all facets of construction and property maintenance. I will be sure to work with him again.
-Client in Los Angeles
I am very happy with the services I received from Westside Home inspections! Jose, was very  professional and prepared. I wish I had known of him earlier. He was honest and helpful and did his best to put our mind at ease. I recommend him for all your inspection needs.
-D M.
I really like this guy. I hired him to do a mold inspection. Scheduling was easy. He was punctual, professional, and courteous. He took the trouble to check for leaks and moisture around all the faucets and drains, although that was not required for a mold inspection. I misunderstood the fee agreement and mistakenly overpaid him. He called me later in the day to notify me of my error. I sent him a check for the proper amount and he destroyed the incorrect check. I would have full confidence in Jose to perform any of the many professional services he offers, and is qualified and certified to do. I wish our home inspector had been so thorough and professional.
-Kevin S.
We have been in the Real Estate Lending business since 2006, and have worked with many home Inspectors.  We were lucky to have find Westside Home Inspections in July 2014 and since then we continue to use Jose Luis to do our site inspections. We feel extremely confident recommending the services of Westside Home Inspections. Jose Luis has proven to be very thorough, professional, and accurate.  Remember, it’s an inspector’s job to bring any issues to your attention. It is then your job to consult a professional in that field to further assess your situation. We look forward to many years of continued business with Westside Home Inspections.

-Rosie B, MOR Financial Services

I am very pleased with Westside Home Inspections!  Jose Luis is very thorough, knowledgeable and did a professional job. He takes pride in doing a great job and that’s as good as it gets.  He went out of his local area to inspect my future home, which I’m very grateful for. It gave me peace of mind to know the condition of the house before I went through with the purchase.  I would highly recommend WESTSIDE HOME INSPECTIONS.  Thank you very much Jose Luis!!
-Myrna Madrid
Thank you for your prompt, great service. We appreciate it.
-Sue Cappon