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The wrong Panel Screw

panel screwBeing a home inspector is not always a safe job. In fact, there a re a lot of dangers in being a home inspector, especially a good one that gets into parts of the home tat other home inspectors won’t go into. We run into snakes in crawlspaces, we climb over framing in attics, run into every poisonous bug that LA can produce, and not to even mention dogs, roofs, and other hazards.

But one of the most common hazards that can be found on a home inspection is at the electric panel cover – especially when it has the wrong type of screws in it. Why is that such a big deal? Well, consider the picture here in this post. Electric panel screws are supposed to be machined screws – i.e. having a blunt end with no point on it. This is extremely important for safety, because pointed screws can esily penetrate a wire and cause shock.

So the next time you have an electrician working on your electric panel, be sure that he has the right panel cover screws put into it.