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Foundation And Structural Inspection

At Westside Home Inspections, our Foundation and Structural Inspection service is dedicated to assessing the integrity and safety of building foundations and structures. This inspection is critical for anyone involved in real estate transactions, property management, or even long-term homeownership, as it ensures the structural health of the property.

Our experienced inspectors begin by examining the visible components of the foundation and structure. This includes checking for cracks, signs of settling, and other indications of structural wear or failure. We pay close attention to the materials used and the construction techniques, as these can significantly impact the longevity and safety of the building.

We also assess the surrounding land and drainage systems because external factors like soil conditions and water drainage can greatly influence the foundation’s health. Poor drainage and unstable soil can lead to water accumulation around the foundation, which is one of the leading causes of structural issues.

Using tools like laser levels and digital monitors, we measure the levelness and stability of floors and walls. These measurements help us identify areas that may be sinking or experiencing undue stress, which could lead to serious structural damages if left unaddressed.

For properties with basements or crawl spaces, our inspection includes a thorough examination of these areas, as they can be key indicators of foundation health. Issues like moisture intrusion, pest infestation, and decay in these areas can also offer insights into the overall structural integrity of the building.

Following the inspection, we provide a comprehensive report that includes detailed findings, photographs, and specific recommendations for addressing any issues. This report is an invaluable resource for property owners and potential buyers, providing them with the information needed to make informed decisions about property investments or necessary repairs.

Choosing Westside Home Inspections for your foundation and structural needs means securing peace of mind regarding the physical stability and safety of your property. It is an investment in ensuring that your real estate remains secure, valuable, and structurally sound for years to come.

3 Simple Steps to Process


Examine client needs and property details.


Thorough evaluation of the home’s condition.


Detailed documentation of findings and advice.