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Home Inspections​

At Westside Home Inspections, our Home Inspection service is meticulously designed to cater to both buyers and sellers. For sellers, we offer pre-market inspections that identify potential issues which could disrupt a sale or decrease a property’s market value. Addressing these issues beforehand can enhance the property’s appeal, making it more attractive to potential buyers and potentially increasing its market value.

For buyers, our service is crucial for making an informed purchase decision. Our thorough pre-purchase inspections are conducted before closing escrow to ensure the buyer is fully aware of the property’s condition. This can prevent unexpected problems after purchase and help in negotiating repairs or price adjustments based on the inspection findings.

Each inspection comprehensively covers essential areas such as the structural integrity of the building, functionality of systems (electrical, plumbing, heating), and safety concerns. Our detailed reports highlight areas needing attention, offering actionable insights that both sellers and buyers can use to make informed decisions. This thorough approach ensures that every transaction is secure, informed, and tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our inspectors are highly trained and experienced professionals who use the latest tools and technologies to perform detailed inspections. We assess every visible and accessible part of the property, from the roof to the foundation, including the interior and exterior structures. Our goal is to identify any defects or issues that may not be apparent to the untrained eye.

The report provided at the end of each inspection is comprehensive and easy to understand, outlining all findings with accompanying photographs and detailed descriptions. This report serves as an invaluable tool for our clients, helping them understand the condition of the property and making informed decisions based on the findings.

At Westside Home Inspections, we are committed to providing exceptional service that meets the needs of our clients. Whether you are buying or selling, our home inspections provide peace of mind, knowing that the property in question has been thoroughly evaluated by experts. This service not only helps in making confident property transactions but also in maintaining the property’s value and ensuring safety and security for all occupants.

3 Simple Steps to Process


Examine client needs and property details.


Thorough evaluation of the home’s condition.


Detailed documentation of findings and advice.