Our swimming pool inspections are designed to be thorough and detailed but at the same time comprehensive. We ensure that we cover every aspect of the pool possible – because safety is involved. We want you to have a safe swimming pool and a happy family.

Here are the basic steps that we  follow when inspecting swimming pools:

1. The structure of the pool itself is the first thing. Whether your pool is cement or vinyl lined, we make sure that it is sounds and in good working order. We also full inspect any decking, tile, and other hard surfaces around the swimming pool. Some key points in addition to the structure of the pool is the fencing, gates and other safety features. And diving boards and slides are always key items that we inspect.

2. We make an in-depth inspection of the pool’s mechanical systems as well –  the circulation system (pumps, motors, skimmers, returns), the filtration system (filter, chlorine feeders, chlorine generators, etc.), lights and all pool electrical circuits (these are important safety items), drain covers and their configuration.If there is a spa attached to the pool, this is also part of the inspection. Safety is my first priority, and we make sure your pool is in safe condition.

3. Once the on-site swimming pool inspection is complete we begin to prepare a detailed pool report that summarizes the pool inspection and any deficiencies. The report also includes recommendations for correcting any problems that we may find during our inspection. One of the main reasons people hire us is because of our objectivity – as we do not provide any pool repair services.

With the information in your swimming pool inspection report, you can make an informed decision about your home and pool purchase. The swimming pool maintenance tips that I provide will also help you maintain your pool well for years to come.

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