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Seller's Inspection​

Seller’s Inspections, also known as pre-listing inspections, help sellers identify potential issues before putting their homes on the market. At Westside Home Inspections, we provide sellers with a clear picture of their property’s condition, which can facilitate a smoother transaction and potentially higher selling price.

Our expert inspectors thoroughly review all major systems and components of the property, including the roof, foundation, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. We look for any defects or maintenance issues that could deter potential buyers or disrupt the sale process.

Each inspection results in a comprehensive report that outlines our findings, complete with recommendations for repairs or upgrades that could enhance the property’s marketability.

This proactive approach helps sellers address issues beforehand, leading to quicker sales and more favorable negotiations.

Choosing Westside Home Inspections for your Seller’s Inspection positions your property advantageously in a competitive market, ensuring you achieve the best possible outcome when you sell.

3 Simple Steps to Process


Examine client needs and property details.


Thorough evaluation of the home’s condition.


Detailed documentation of findings and advice.